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Pretty Toys Russian / English Doll Art Magazine

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Hi Deborah,
Kitten just got here. She is beyond beautiful. She is the most and real looking reborn that I have. Thank you so very much. She was wrapped so carefully and I love the beautiful paper she was wrapped in and the bow. I have named her Deborah after you and I am making her a little beaded bracelet with her name on it. I am so happy I bought her and I will remember you and your family and your kindness every Veteran's day. Thank you so much Deborah for everything. Stay safe over there and again thank you to your husband and your whole family for your service to our wonderful country and for what you do to keep all of us safe..
With a lot of gratitude,

Hi Deborah, I just wanted to let you know that I received lulu today, and she is absolutely gorgeous she's everything I exspected her to be! I fell in love with her instantly. I will take very good care of her. Thank you for making such a beautiful doll, I will cherish her always.

Hi Deborah,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the credit for the shipping and wanted to thank you for that :) Also, I gave my mom her doll as an early Mother's Day gift and I can't even put into words how happy she is Deborah! She was over the moon and the smile on her face was priceless, she kept kissing LIly May and is dressing her up in little outfits lol! She ready your card and wanted me to say a huge thank you to her. We all think you are so talented and a wonderful person. From the bottom of our hearts thank you thank you! She hopes to write to you down the road and I will assist her on the computer :) Please know she arrived perfectly and we appreciate the communication and service you provided to us! She is a great addition to our family xoxox Lot's of love from Canada!

Melissa, Rick, Gloria, and Lilly May 

Thank you so much for a special Christmas present. I am proud to say that I own a piece of your artistry , I know the work that goes into these babies and the artistic ability that it takes to create them and I do truly appreciate that. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and please keep in touch thank you again! Hugs!

We just received Jazmine Belle today and she is here safe and sound! Thank you again, she is adorable and cute as ever! My mom wishes to thank you again from the bottom of her heart, she calls you the best artist out there! :) She says that in the near future she may request another doll kit from you to custom make for her again, and she will let you know. She definitely is happy every time she purchases a baby from you. Thanks for making her so happy!
All our love and thanks and we will be in touch in the near future!
Melissa and Gloria

Hello Deborah, I have received Princess Jamina, I am very happy with my product. hope to do business with you again.
Thank you!!

Hello Deborah,
I cannot find the words, she is truly a beautiful toddler, your artistry
really brought out her ethnic beauty. And she is absolutely perfect, no
flaws found and I am a perfectionist. And your presentation was so
special, the wrapping of Elena and the gift wrapping of her clothes and
accessories, even to the heart shaped felt cover for the pacifier. Your
attention to detail is truly remarkable. When I saw the package I thought
oh wow, she has grown since I last saw her on e-bay. But it was just the
careful packaging you did to protect her. She had a long journey but she
was delighted to see her little bear and has settled in, getting acquainted
with her other baby sisters! She is truly a work of art.

Do you know that feeling where sometimes your almost a little bit afraid to open something because you think that it may not meet your expectations? I have to tell you Shannon arrive today and she is absolutely beautiful! I really feel like from the first moment I saw her listing and thought I absolutely have to have her that it was meant to be. You were correct about the unpacking process the more bubble wrap I took off the more anxious I got, it truly had to be hysterical to watch. She arrived safe and sound, her hair needed just a little bit of scrunching and her dress just a little bit of fluffing but other than that she is perfect. There is truly not one thing about her that I would change her eyes her hair her freckles and her mouth are beautiful. The Tibby sculpt is my favorite toddler and you did an amazing job with her, I so hope that you do get the chance to reborn one for yourself to enjoy. I am so happy to say that she met all of my expectations and then some.

Hello Deborah!
Micah has arrived today.. and I have no words, she is simply marvelous, a real dream. I have been longing for a reborn art toddler for a while and I am ever so happy!!!
She seems so alive, she is a dream come true for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have left your feedback and I will surely follow your auctions.
Thank you again,

Hello Deborah,
I have surprised my wife with a wonderful gift, an exceptional piece of reborn artistry. I must congratulate you as you are a fine artist, indeed.
I sincerely hope to be able to adopt another of your fantastic reborn creations.
All the best and thank you again,

Hi Deborah,
I have received my precious parcel today and I have no words..
I was stunned to found out that my reborn baby looks just like a real baby! This is not my first reborn but she is by far the most precious and realistic reborn ever. I sincerely hope to adopt more of your dolls in the near future and I thank you ever so much for your great service.
Also, I wanted to add that I was truly pleased with the way my baby was packed.. she has arrived safe and sound, you are truly a professional and I am ever so happy to have found you. A+++++ all the way!!!! Too bad the stars of the rating allowed by e-bay are only 5 'cause I would have given you 10 for sure. THANK YOU!!!

Good morning Deborah,
Honey has arrived this morning, safely and professionally wrapped. She is
marvelous and truly beautiful.
Congratulations on your artistic skills, I am speechless.
Your reborn artistry skills are unsurpassable and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dearest Deborah,
My Lara has just arrived. She is truly beautiful and I am amazed by your artistry, Lara is truly a little masterpiece and I am ever so glad to be her new mom!
She is able to transmit feelings and emotions.. she is all I was wishing for.
Thank you for reborning this little wonder, she is so incredibly lifelike and I hope that the joy you have given me so early in 2013 can accompany you all year round.

Hello Deborah,
My little Chiara has arrived today!
You are a wonderful artist, indeed.
Thank you ever so much!

Dear Deborah,
my Lilly has finally arrived. I had to struggle to take her at home with me as my grandmother has seen her and she has completely fell in love with her.
Thank you for everything. I am thrilled with my purchase!
I will be keeping an eye on your future creation.

Hello Deb,
Tibby is here. I cannot begin to tell you my excitement and happiness... she is so REALISTIC...!!
I am so glad to have found you and I will be placing my custom order with you very soon.
God bless you and your family,

What an amazing creation is my EVA!
Thank you Deborah - your reborn artistry skills are truly exceptional, I am thrilled with my new reborn art doll.

While browsing for reborns I came across your creations.
I am speechless and I am amazed.
Keep up the good work and I will be surely contacting you for my custom order reborn doll very soon.
Happy holidays!!!

Hi Deborah

I just got Argelica and she is just beautiful just like I thought she would be.
You don't have to worry I will take very good care of her. We are right in the middle of a blizzard I was surprised she was delivered today.
There is so much snow and wind you can hardly see any thing and very very cold.
You were not kidding about all the wrapping but at least she arrived safely. Thank you so much and have a happy and healthy 2014😊


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